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Oh My Yoni Oil (price per bottle)

Oh My Yoni Oil (price per bottle)

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Our Golden Yoni oil is to be used outside of your sacred area to moist the inner and outer labia. Do not insert inside the vagina. Simply apply to outer area of labia, inner upper thighs and Pubic hair or Pubic bare area after a bath or shower. Being an oil, it keeps the skin soft, smooth and well hydrated. It doesn’t matter if you are bare, bikini wax or have a fully covered Yoni, our Yoni oil benefits all grooming needs. Our oil helps deter microbes, helps to prevent the growth of bacteria on skin which is great if you are a shaver or wax person. The ingredients in our Golden Yoni Oil is very similar to our own skin oils, this allows it to immediately penetrate the skin and Helps to promote healthy, glowing skin without clogging pores or leaving a greasy residue.


- Helps with irritation and ingrown hairs

- Helps prevent/treat razor bumps

- Moisturize and calm the skin making it silky smooth and supple

- Help to tame chaffing and chapping of skin

- Relieves dryness

Due to the handmade nature of our oil, each oil may look slightly different. While the appearance of the oil may differ between oil, each oil has the same benefits.

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