11 Reasons to use Natural Soap

11 Reasons to use Natural Soap

Skin is the largest organ of our body and our overall health greatly depends on how we take care of your skin. But, the problem here is that the majority of the people don’t realize that our skin is incredibly absorbent and porous. We do not think twice before applying toxic chemicals from factory manufactured soaps and damaging our skin.

To save your skin from the hazardous chemical soaps, you should switch to natural soap. Now, you might ask what is a natural soap? Well the answer for this is simple. All ingredients used in a natural soap are organic made of plant based materials and natural oils.

Nature rich soaps are made in cold processed environments which are safer for the customers and more nourishing for their skin. In contrast to their commercial counterparts, nature 2 nature soaps are handmade by artisans and are specifically designed for different skin types.

Here we will discuss 11 major benefits of handmade soaps with an aim to portray a clear picture of them.

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11 top reasons to use a Natural soap

1: Maintaining the pH levels: To keep the skin nourishment intact, it is important that the soaps maintain the pH level of the skin. Nature 2 nature soaps maintain the pH level around 9-10 as that level as it is naturally alkaline. Moreover, the organic soap benefits the skin as it has coconut oil which moisturizes the skin in a better way. In addition, the nature rich soaps are better cleanser than their chemical counterparts

2: It only uses natural ingredients: Each handmade soap bar is made with skin-nourishing natural oils, organic herbs, seeds, etc. according to different skin types. Since handmade soaps are made in small batches, due attention is given to their ingredients.

The end result is that the natural soaps are better, gentler and immaculately perfect for your skin. This is the reason why the natural soap business is proliferating in recent years.

3: Environment friendly: As the natural soaps include only natural extracts, they do not release any harmful chemicals to deteriorate our beloved planet. The natural ingredients thus do a double benefit for your skin and also help in prevention of the environment. This is why use of handmade soaps is increasing at a steady pace around the world.

In addition, ingredients to make natural soaps are extracted using natural methods which are harmless to the environment.

 4: Not a detergent, actually a soap: Yes, the majority of the branded soaps that you see in the market are harmful detergents. On the other hand, handmade soaps still use the traditional method of soap-making which make them a cut above the rest. Along with being harsh for your skin, the chemical soaps can cause greater damages like disrupting human hormones, disrupting the reproductive system, etc. That is why one should use natural soap and save themselves from these hazardous results.

5: Treat your skin with amazing nourishment: Try it yourself and see. Once you begin using organic soaps benefits, you will see a different glow in your skin and it will thank you for that. The natural ingredients will keep the skin nourishment intact and benefit your skin immensely.

Whether you have dry skin or sensitive skin, using natural soaps is always better than going for chemical soaps. The ingredients used to make natural soaps have elements that prevent skin harshness and antioxidants as well.

6: Protects animals: The handmade soaps are not illegally tested on animals. Unlike the biggest soap manufacturers in the world, nature rich soaps are animal-cruelty free. Moreover, it has clean ingredients for the betterment of your skin.

7: Their scent provides real aromatherapy: As handmade soaps have pure essential oils; they render aroma therapeutic benefits. Benefits of natural soap’s ingredient essential oil are way beyond just the scent. Unlike the synthetic fragrance in chemical soaps, the aromatherapy from the scent of natural oil can help in reducing stress. In addition, it soothes your skin and impacts it in a positive manner.

Fragrance oils are artificially crafted in laboratories. Thus, change your choices and avail the benefits of natural soap by simply using them.

8: Maintain a healthy skin: Simple, natural soaps are highly soothing to the skin. Period. It will give you a healthy skin and save you from unnecessary irritations. Moreover, the answer to the question why use handmade soap is even more prominent now. Natural soaps provide rich, bubbly lather without using the synthetic foam.

The natural soaps are so neatly formulated that they don’t need synthetic additives. Thus, apart from cleaning the pores of the skin, organic soap’s benefit extends to rendering chemical-free lather as well.

9: Cost-effective: Perhaps the greatest perk along with the natural ingredients which makes natural soaps a ‘crowd favorite’. Despite the fact that natural soaps cost more than commercial soaps, it benefits your skin and saves you from other add-on expenses.

For example, natural soap has glycerin and essential natural oils which increases the shelf-life of the soap. Moreover, since your skin doesn’t feel dry or itchy, you don’t have to buy extra lotion or moisturizer to apply on your skin. 

10: Natural soaps are ‘one of a kind’: Ingredients used to make natural soap and benefits of natural soaps keep them in a league of their own. Natural soaps are made with passion and love. Moreover, the artisans curate different kinds of soaps for different skin types so more people can use natural soaps. Commercial soaps are mass-produced thus have nothing unique to offer to the customers.

The recipe of the natural oil is well researched and its ingredients are directly taken from nature.

11: Offer more variety to the customers: Handmade soaps can be made in different textures, sizes, color, etc. The real benefit of handmade soaps is that it has something for everyone unlike their commercial counterparts. The customers will always find something with the handmade soaps that suits their taste.

The natural soap business concentrates on organic production of soaps. Thus, they can be easily customized.

The reasons to use natural soap are vivid and immense. They have all the ingredients to render amazing benefits to your skin and save your body from harmful chemicals.

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